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Liechtenstein - Seminar on managing dangerous substances at work

Inficon AGBalzersLiechtenstein

This seminar, taking place during the European Week for Safety and Health at Work, presents the main topics and objectives of the Healthy Workplaces Manage Dangerous Substances campaign. It aims to raise awareness of the dangers posed by hazardous substances in the workplace, help employers and employees understand and manage the risks, and encourage them to promote a culture of prevention, creating safe and healthy working environments.

Speakers discuss the common misconception that only manufactured chemicals or chemicals with a strong smell are hazardous. They highlight that workers are often exposed to various types of dust and fumes that arise during the manufacturing process, which can often be dangerous for workers’ health. Speakers present examples of dangerous substances, as well as ways to either work with them safely, or substitute them if possible.

Finally, speakers share good practice examples from several companies that strive to improve the safety conditions and health of their employees in the workplace.


  • Daniel Risch, Deputy Prime Minister, Ministry of Infrastructure, Economic Affairs and Sport
  • Rigi Langenbahn, Managing Director, Liechtenstein Employees Association (LANV)
  • Robert Hassler, Head of the Department of Labour Inspectorate, Office of Economic Affairs (AVW)
  • Albert Marti, Manager, AMAG Automobil und Motoren
  • Patrick Hermann, Managing Director, Roman Hermann AG construction company
  • Urs Wälchli, Managing Director, Inficon Electronic manufacturing company
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