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Estonia - Seminar on effective management of carcinogens in the workplace

Hektor Conference centerTartuEstonia

This seminar discusses the Healthy Workplaces Manage Dangerous Substances campaign in the city of Tartu. It aims to share the campaign’s key messages and objectives to promote a culture of risk prevention. It also informs participants of the upcoming national awareness-raising activities.

Speakers discuss the impact of dangerous substances, underlining the risks they pose for workers’ health in many different workplaces. They highlight the importance of effective risk assessment and management and share best practice prevention measures.

Finally, they focus on carcinogens and examine the hazards found in Estonian workplaces. They discuss work-related cancer and present ways to promote occupational safety and health, along with practical tools and good practices to minimise work-related diseases. 


  • Kristiina Ojamaa, Oncology Doctor, East-Tallinn hospital
  • Piret Kaljula, Work environment consultant, Labour Inspectorate of Estonia
  • Silja Soon, Head of Occupational Hygiene Service, Labour Inspectorate of Estonia
Labour Inspectorate of Estonia
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