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Estonia - Conference and fair to highlight the risks of dangerous substances at work

National Library Conference HallTallinnEstonia

This conference celebrates Estonia’s annual Health and Safety Day, as well as the European Week for Safety and Health at Work, and seeks to promote the exchange of good practices to manage dangerous substances and to start a dialogue on risk prevention and occupational safety and health (OSH).

Speakers look at the different types of dangerous substances often present in the workplace that can pose serious health and safety risks for workers. They focus on carcinogens and risk factors that can lead to work-related cancer, and discuss ways to ensure that employees are more efficiently protected from hazardous substances.

The conference wraps up with a small fair that informs participants of the latest products and services that can improve the health and safety situation at work.


  • Riina Sikkut, Minister of Labor and Health, Ministry of Social Affairs
  • Meeli Miidla-Vanatalu, Deputy Director, Labour Inspectorate
  • Piret Kaljula, Work environment consultant, Labour Inspectorate
  • Livia Laas, Service manager, Unemployment Insurance Fund
  • Tiina Tuul, Oncology doctor, East-Tallinn Hospital
Labour Inspectorate of Estonia (Tööinspektsioon)
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