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European Chiropractors' Union

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Mission Statement
The ECU mission is to enable the chiropractic profession to thrive in Europe. It represents national chiropractic associations supra-nationally, promoting the health benefits of chiropractic care, high standards of education and continuing professional development, a strengthened evidence base for MSK health through research, and excellence in clinical conduct and practice in a regulated environment. Through advocacy it seeks the inclusion of chiropractic within health policies and programmes.
Our campaign pledge
There remain inequalities across Europe in terms of access to effective musculoskeletal health care. The ECU is committed to expanding the availability and accessibility of chiropractic care throughout the European continent. Through its national members, the ECU will encourage all chiropractors, as primary contact health professionals, to promote understanding about healthy work spaces and to communicate information that will lead to a healthy population. Information about the campaign will be included on the ECU website here:
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“Musculoskeletal conditions are the greatest cause of disability in Europe and they are not just conditions of older age: between one in three and one in five people (including children) live with a musculoskeletal pain condition. We can reduce the burden of disability experienced by too many people across Europe, and the associated social and economic costs this imposes on them as well as society more widely, if we put a greater focus on musculoskeletal health. Ensuring our workplaces are safe and healthy is an essential part of this process.”
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