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Société privée
Business sector
Mission Statement
Eiffage is a major European player in construction and concessions. Our infrastructures branch is specialised in all the necessary skills for designing and building infrastructures on land and sea. Our teams are also experts when it comes to calculating and building financial envelopes and steel structures. We find multi-technical solutions for all industrial sectors.
Our three professional sectors (road, civil engineering and metal) are active throughout France and also cover Europe.
Our campaign pledge
This campaign will be an opportunity for us to reinforce our Prevention Policy and at the same time to make it grow. Cette campagne sera l’occasion de conforter notre Politique de Prévention et par la même occasion de la faire grandir.
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Guillaume SAUVE
Chairman of the Infrastructures Branch
At Eiffage Infrastructures, the protection of people's health and physical integrity is fundamental and is embodied by the Group's 100% safety ambition. We owe it to the women and men in the company, to our partners, to our customers and to all those who are closely or remotely involved in the projects we carry out on a daily basis.The fight against musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) is a major focus of our occupational risk prevention strategy. For several years now, we have been developing, and continue to develop, innovative tools to prevent the appearance of MSDs and improve comfort and well-being at work.

Chez Eiffage Infrastructures, la protection de la santé et de l’intégrité physique des personnes est fondamentale et se matérialise par l’ambition 100% sécurité. Nous le devons aux femmes et aux hommes de l’entreprise, à nos partenaires, à nos clients, à tous ceux qui, de près ou de loin, ont un lien avec les chantiers que nous menons au quotidien. La lutte contre les troubles musculo-squelettiques (TMS) est un axe majeur de notre stratégie de prévention des risques professionnels. Depuis plusieurs années, nous développons, et continuons à développer, des outils innovants pour éviter l’apparition des TMS et améliorer confort et bien-être au travail.
Main contact
Health and Security Director
+33 0134658989