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Kampanjan työkalupakki

Tutustu ohjeisiin, miten suunnitella ja toteuttaa tehokas kampanja.

This campaign package provides practical advice on how to prepare and implement successful occupational safety campaigns. It provides useful practical examples of the various tools used for communication, as well as suggestions and ways to use them. 

1. Why should you organize a campaign?

If your organization has a safety and health message that you would like to share, organizing your campaign is an effective way to get your voice heard.

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2. Campaign Design

A comprehensive plan makes it possible to take into account every important step in the campaign.

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3. Resources and Networks

Make the most of the available resources and create a situation that will benefit all parties.

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Campaign examples and tools

This section describes the campaigns and the good and bad aspects of the most important campaign and communication tools. Examples of good practices can be found in the database.