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Lithuania - Info point on occupational health and safety at University of Applied Sciences

University of Applied SciencesVilnius Lithuania
17/09/2019 to 19/09/2019

A three-day info point takes place in Vilnius, during University Welcome Week. It presents the Healthy Workplaces Manage Dangerous Substances campaign to students, faculty members and university visitors to raise awareness of risk management and prevention measures.

The info point introduces good practices in accident prevention along with the online risk assessment tool (OiRa). The risks posed by dangerous substances are explained through info sheets and the screening of Napo for teachers films – a series of awareness-raising and humorous animated cartoons which aim to familiarise students with health and safety topics.

Visitors can also take a quiz on occupational safety and health (OSH) to test their knowledge and help them become more aware of the presence of dangerous substances in workplaces. They can even win prizes if they answer correctly.


  • Nerita Šot, National Focal Point Manager, Valstybinė darbo inspekcija
  • Vesta Macė, Technical safety department, Valstybinė darbo inspekcija
Valstybinė darbo inspekcija