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United Kingdom – “Breathe Freely” - Preventing lung diseases in manufacturing

Broadway HouseLondonUnited Kingdom

This event is part of the awareness-raising roadshows organised throughout the country by the British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS) and EEF - the manufacturers’ organisation, and supported by the National Focal Point, Health and Safety Executive (HSE). It highlights both the Healthy Workplace Manage Dangerous Substances campaign and the Breathe Freely initiative which focuses on controlling harmful exposures to prevent occupational lung disease in manufacturing. 

Speakers aim to raise awareness of the importance of prevention against dangerous substances in reducing occupational lung diseases among employees in manufacturing businesses in the UK.

They present the health risks caused by fumes, gases and UV radiation and underline the need for careful hazard assessment and air monitoring to establish effective health surveillance programmes in the workplace.


  • Terry Woolmer, Head of Health and Safety Policy, EEF-the manufacturers' organisation
  • Bud Hudspith, National Health and Safety Advisor, Unite the Union
  • Martin Belcher, Occupational Hygiene Specialist Inspector, Health and Safety Executive (HSE)
  • Neil Pickering, Health, Safety and Environment group Director, JCB
  • Marian Molloy, Occupational Hygiene Specialist Inspector, HSE
Health and Safety Executive
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