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II Open Week 2021 - Soluciones Post-Covid / Post-Covid Solutions

The Open Week is a multi-sectoral digital event that focuses on several topics, including health and safety, security and cyber-security. 2021 marks its second edition, having gathered more than 2,000 professionals last year during its launch.

After one year of convivence with the Covid-19 pandemic, the event aims to continue sharing national and international experiences, bringing visibility to new technologies, services and protocols that have come to stay when it comes to address the current needs of companies to protect workers' health. It also aims to look at the challenges faced by many organisations as part of their digitalisation process in many areas, such as teleworking. 

EU-OSHA's Corporate Promotions Manager Marta Urrutia participates in a round table to discuss key occupational safety and health aspects under the current 'new normality.' The table is moderated by Antonio Borredà, editor-in-chief of the Spanish media outlet Formación de Seguridad Laboral, current media partner of the HWC 2020-22 'Lighten the Load.'

Formación de Seguridad Laboral
19/04/2021 to 23/04/2021