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Ergonomics Best Practice Seminar - Dublin

The Health and Safety Authority, with the support of EU-OSHA, invites you to attend our upcoming events on Ergonomic Best Practice.


Why attend?

With many elements of physical work being carried out day-to-day in the workplace, the health of workers in the workplace is a key responsibility for employers.

Employers are required to manage the health of their workers, which is particularly important where the physical work carried out exposes the employee to potential risk factors such as excessive force, high repetition, sustained awkward postures over long periods, static work and poor working environment conditions.

This seminar gives practical guidance on how to manage those risks that impact workers’ health, the latest thinking on occupational health, and the future of work. Useful case studies on how organisations have managed ergonomic risks in their workplace will also be presented, including how this is applied to the new era of remote working.


Who should attend?

The workshop will be of a particular interest to:

  • Health and Safety Professionals
  • Occupational Health Professionals
  • Production and Operations Managers
  • Production or Manufacturing Engineers
  • Safety Representatives
  • Researchers
  • Others that have an interest in the science and management of work


HSA - Health and Safety Authority
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