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Lithuania – Practical solutions for efficient management of dangerous substances

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This event reflects on the results of the Healthy Workplace Manage Dangerous Substances campaign in Lithuania and speakers share good practice examples and lessons learned about building working environments resilient to health and safety risks.

Speakers stress that exposures to dangerous substances are more common than most people realise and can occur in almost all workplaces. They then present good practice examples of risk assessment and management by manufacturing companies, as well as examples from several Baltic companies who managed to substitute the hazardous chemicals they used.

Speakers offer guidance on the classification of hazardous substances, the occupational health and safety (OSH) regulation and the general requirements for working with chemicals. Finally, they introduce practical tools for effective risk assessment and elimination to assist companies in establishing safer and healthier working environments.


  • Nerita Sot, National Focal Point Manager, Valstybinė darbo inspekcija
  • Gediminas Valentėlis, Head of the Department of Occupational Safety and Health, Valstybinė darbo inspekcija
  • Jolanta Dvarionienė, Kaunas University of Technology
  • Lukas Žarnauskas, Head of Bio Circle Balticum UAB
  • Saulius Vaikšnoras, Head of Health and Safety, TEVA BALTICS UAB
Valstybinė darbo inspekcija
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