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Gustavo BRACCO
Chief Human Resources Officer
We promote an inclusive and healthy work environment, where all employees feel valued and intergenerational dialogue and learning are encouraged.
Declaración de objetivos: 
Founded in 1872, Pirelli has been making tyres for over a century.
In line with our Premium and Green Performance strategy, we focus constantly on quality, technology, and low environmental impact products. In pursuing our objectives we aim to combine economic profitability and corporate responsibility.
El compromiso de nuestra campaña: 
Pirelli considers the management of health and safety as a core and strategic activity for the success of the company. Employees’ well-being is one of the main pillars of the structured and coordinated system of welfare and training initiatives developed by the Group during the years.
Pirelli firmly believes that informal learning between different age groups has a central role in spreading the company culture among employees; the exchange of skills and competences between individuals is a key asset companies can benefit from.
Pirelli & C
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