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Official Campaign Partners

Federación Iberoamericana de Asociaciones de Psicología

Institución pública
Actividades sanitarias y de servicios sociales
Mission Statement
Promote the development and expansion of psychology in the Iberoamerican countries.
Our campaign pledge
Our commitment is to involve our members in promoting Healthy Workplaces Manage Dangerous Substances, psychosocial risks assessment and also the prevention of stress.\nWe will organize several conferences and lectures to sensitize employers and employees about the importance of building healthy workplaces Manage Dangerous Substances.\nWe will establish partnerships with the Ministry of Labor and Social Security as well as the focal point of EU-OSHA in order to organize several initiatives whose aim will be to promote healthy workplaces Manage Dangerous Substances. We will launch the award of healthy workplaces for small, medium and large companies, in partnership with the focal point of EU-OSHA.
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External Relations Officer
We spend a significant part of our lives working. Unfortunately, lacking many physical and psychological conditions so that it can be more productive, healthy and fulfilling. Creating healthy workplaces promotes engagement, creativity and innovation. Psychologists have a crucial role in bringing mental health and well-being to the workplace, as specialists of human behaviour and change.
Main Contacts
Head of Safety
+351 213 400 252
Federación Iberoamericana de Asociaciones de Psicología
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