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European Confederation of Independent Trade Unions (CESI)

Organización sindical
Mission Statement
The European Confederation of Independent Trade Unions (CESI) is a confederation of 38 trade union organisations from 21 European countries and 4 European trade union organisations, with a total of more than 5 million individual members. 2 further trade union organisations enjoy observer status. Founded in 1990, CESI advocates improved employment conditions for workers in Europe and a strong social dimension in the EU. CESI and its members are involved in advocacy work as an interest group and in social dialogue as a recognised European social partner.
Our campaign pledge
CESI pledges to disseminate campaign-related information by EU-OSHA and campaign partners to its member organisations, affiliates and external stakeholder partners. In the same way, CESI will relay news from its network to EU-OSHA and campaign partners. CESI pledges to run expert meetings in different configurations on challenges related to a responsable handling and management of dangerous substances.
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Secretary General
The EU-OSHA Healthy Workplaces Campaign 2018-19 on ‘Healthy Workplaces Manage Dangerous Substances’ addresses one of CESI's core priorities. As a trade union confederation, CESI has for long worked to promote adequate health and safety measures for all workers. This concerns not only psychosocial risks but also the management of dangerous substances. At CESI, we believe that this Healthy Workplaces Campaign edition comes at a timely moment to complement the EU's current legislative agenda on caps for carcinogens and mutagens at work: Legal restrictions on the exposure of workers to hazardous substances and accompanying awareness-raising projects and information-dissemination must go hand in hand. As a European trade union umbrella organisation and social partner, CESI will contribute to the success of the Campaign by reaching out to -and working with- its extensive network across Europe: For a proper and responsible management of dangerous substances which puts the health and safety of workers first.
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