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“Let’s make the dangerous substances management practical and easy for everyone. Decent work and economic growth can walk hand in hand!”
Declaración de objetivos: 
Our mission is to raise awareness of dangerous substances at workplace and to empower owners/operators to evaluate their own workplaces for hazards and risks and to focus resources on practical control solutions. We promote an innovative and simple approach to chemicals risk management that allows enterprises of all sizes to easily comply with their legal and moral obligations for a safe and healthy workplace.
El compromiso de nuestra campaña: 
Each year 74,000 workers die in the EU-27 due to exposure to dangerous chemicals at their work place. Chemical management is part of the sustainability agenda of each industry “people, planet, profit”. Sound management of dangerous substances at work place is penetrating through all the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Furthermore, global, European and national legislation oblige the industry to develop safer substances, to generate information on the hazards of chemicals and the means of managing the risks related to their uses, and hence contributing to the improvement of workers’ protection. We help industry to comply with the regulatory and broader ethical/sustainability requirements by building a sustainable and sound management of chemicals within their organisations and in the supply chains. We do that by providing businesses of all size with consultancy, training and our online system Stoffenmanager®. The members of our International Scientific Advisory Board are prominent research institutes and universities from Europe and beyond. Together we strive to provide SMEs and large enterprises with information, tools and support that complies with the EU regulations and is in line with the latest scientific developments. We promote risk assessment and further control of the exposure at workplaces and communication in an understandable, transparent manner to managers, employees and external stakeholders. As a socially engaged organisation, we support European national and international initiatives to reduce occupational health risks. The partnership with EU OSHA for this campaign is of mutual benefit for Cosanta. It is in line with our mission and the exchange with other international companies is valuable for us. We will actively support the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work in raising awareness of the risks posed by dangerous substances at the workplace and the importance of managing them properly. We will disseminate the campaign to our 33 000 users predominantly in Europe.Via our partners ( ISAB) in 10 + EU countries we hope to reach even broader audience. We will give free open trainings in a few EU Member States. We want to inspire and encourage enterprises of all size to successfully manage a safe and healthy workplace and to share examples of best practice. Together we can achieve more.
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