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Other liquids: storage in underground and above-ground tank installations

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Other liquids: storage in underground and above-ground tank installations
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The aim of PGS (Publication Series Hazardous Substances 31) is to describe the state of the art with regard to occupational safety, environmental safety and fire safety for the unpressurised, aboveground and underground storage of hazardous liquid substances and mixtures, in one or more tanks.

The publication series is a guide for companies that produce, transport, store or use hazardous substances and for authorities that are charged with supervising and licensing these companies. A PGS guideline is a document about specific activities with hazardous substances. It describes in full the main risks of these activities for environmental and fire safety and the safety of employees. In addition, it describes the possible consequences of this activity for emergency response. The relationship with the laws and regulations is appointed and targets are formulated as specifically as possible in order to control the risks and to limit the negative effects on people and the environment.


Sector / Industry covered: 
Not sector specific
Tasks covered: 
Handling Chemicals
Biological hazard: 
Not applicable
Hazard - physical state: 
Hazard - health effects: 
Toxic substances
Fire and explosion
Exposure route: 
Not applicable
Substance description
Substance description: 

dangerous substances

Prevention measures: 
Level 1. Elimination of hazards
Training / guidance
Hygiene measures
Purpose of the material: 
Awareness raising
General information
MS information
Target group: 
OSH consultant
Safety officers
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