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Case studies

Our case studies describe policy initiatives and examples of good practice in the workplace in relation to preventing and managing MSDs.

Topics include the practical application of prevention measures in various sectors and for different types of jobs; dealing with chronic MSDs; MSD prevention in relation to sedentary work; how to manage MSDs in the context of an increasingly diverse workforce; and the close connection between psychosocial risks and MSDs.

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27/07/2020 3 pages

Task changes for a podiatrist with neck problems

Type: Case studies

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15/03/2010 Type: Case studies 8 pages

Prevention of MSDs in viticulture

Since 2002 in France viticulture has been the main sector of activity affected by musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs): 565 cases of MSDs were recognised in 2006, or five times more than in 1996. For this purpose, a study carried out by a task force at the initiative of the Caisse...

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15/03/2010 Type: Case studies 5 pages

Long-term prevention of MSD: institutional players facilitate an enterprise-level approach

A departmental project for prevention of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) was initiated in 2003 by the Intercompany Medical Service of the Anjou region and the Organisation of Regional Action for the Improvement of Working Conditions in the Pays de Loire region in response to...

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15/03/2010 Type: Case studies 5 pages

Semi-automatic harvesting of white asparagus

Harvesting and sorting white asparagus is labour-and cost-intensive. To make the harvest more effi­cient, the asparagus ridges are covered with a black/white film to influence the growth of the spears. Thus, the harvest can be restricted to once a day or even once every two days...

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15/03/2010 Type: Case studies 5 pages

Health promotion project ‘BBB – Bewusst bewegt am Bauernhof’ (moving consciously at the farm) for farmers

The Austrian Social Insurance Institution of Farmers (Sozialversicherungsanstalt der Bauern, SVB) started in 2003 with the health promotion project ‘BBB – Bewusst bewegt am Bauernhof’ (‘moving consciously at the farm’) and its ‘Bewegungsstraße’ programme. The programme offers a...

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09/09/2009 Type: Case studies 5 pages

Reduction of repetitive work at Coloplast

The work at Coloplast´s production sites includes many job functions where the workers carry out repetitive work, including hanging, placing, packing, sorting of items etc. The management of Coloplast and the health and safety organisation wanted to get a total overview of the...

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