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II Luso-Brazilian Congress on Safety, Occupational and Environmental Health – SsOA 2017

Clube de EngenhariaRio de JaneiroBrazil

Rio de Janeiro is pleased to welcome colleagues, professionals, professors, researchers and scientists from the most important institutions and universities in the world to the II Luso-Brazilian Congress on Safety, Occupational and Environmental Health - SsOA 2017. The Engineering Club of Brazil, the Brazilian Academy of Occupational Safety Engineering, the Brazilian Society of Safety Engineering and the Higher School of Health Technology of the Polytechnic Institute Coimbra, will hold SsOA 2017 on July 5, 6 and 7. The event , Which takes place for the first time in Brazil - and which was born of the dream of Brazilians and Portuguese - intends that it be the driving force of the prevention culture for all Portuguese-speaking countries and for both the SsOA 2018 will be in Cape Verde, Africa.
The SsOA 2017 aims to be a space to receive the technical-scientific community, governmental authorities and those interested in Safety, Occupational Health and Environmental at national level and in an international context. Understanding the relationships between environmental and occupational factors and human health are one of the greatest challenges of our time. To meet this challenge, extensive research, as well as the sharing of experiences, approaches and knowledge in the areas of Safety, Occupational and Environmental Health, as well as the development of partnerships to promote cooperation between researchers, , Politicians and students from different countries. Over the course of three days together, we will reflect on the changes and the new challenges that arise in this area.
For the second edition of this SsOA we chose the themes:
- "Emerging Risks in Occupational and Environmental Health"
- "Occupational and Environmental Risk Assessment"
- "Occupational Health and Labor Loss"
- "Basic Sanitation and Environmental Accidents"
There will also be parallel sessions of free communications allusive to the most diverse topics covered by Safety Engineering, Occupational Medicine and Environmental Engineering.
This event counts with the participation of national and foreign experts who kindly accepted our invitation and whom we thank. We also highlight the support of the Engineering Club, “Proteção” Magazine (Brazil) and the “Segurança” Magazine (Portugal) and the Governments of Brazil and Portugal.

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