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EU-OSHA’s updated website section provides essential information on dangerous substances at the workplace. It covers the main legislation, explains its principles and provides tips on how to manage dangerous substances at work. It also includes sections on carcinogens, biological agents, and emerging risks – and provides many useful links to further information for workers and employers. In line with the goals of the Healthy Workplaces Manage Dangerous Substances Campaign 2018-19 , this section...See more
Managing dangerous substances in Europe’s workplaces is crucial to protecting workers, businesses and economies. But how can your organisation make a difference at the workplace level? And how will your organisation benefit from becoming a partner of EU-OSHA’s upcoming campaign on dangerous substances? EU-OSHA along with previous and potential official campaign and media partners answered these questions at its campaign partnership meeting in Brussels on 20 March. Read the summary of the...See more
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Long-term sedentary work may be harmful to health. But how is it possible to measure sedentary work consistently and correctly to prevent health injuries? A group of researchers from several European Work Environment, Safety and Health institutes under PEROSH have developed a guideline for handling this issue. Their findings were published in a paper which recently won the publisher Elsevier Ltd’s best paper award 2017 in the scientific journal Applied Ergonomics. Do you perform sedentary work...See more