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Take a quiz and discover if your workplace may be affecting your breathing or lung health

The European Lung Foundation (ELF) has developed a quiz for people concerned that their workplace might be damaging their lungs. It also provides a run-down of the risks that might affect a variety of workplaces, recommendations for how to protect yourself, and information for employers.


Developed by official campaign partner ELF, the quiz asks participants about their symptoms, workplace environment, substances they have been exposed to, and whether or not they have had to leave their role due to breathing problems.

Once the quiz is completed, participants receive a summary of recommendations and a factsheet on the hazards that workers may encounter at work. The factsheet explains how your health can be affected; by work-related asthma, silicosis or even lung cancer in extreme cases.

The factsheet also provides employers with tips on how to protect workers, through:

  • risk assessment
  • providing workers with personal protective equipment
  • ensuring adequate ventilation
  • health check-ups
  • providing proper instructions
  • avoiding harmful products

Finally, the factsheet reminds people that smoking is the biggest risk factor for lung conditions. If you smoke, you will be at a much higher risk of developing a lung condition.

Some factsheets (below the quiz) are tailored to a variety of workplaces, such as laboratories, farms, sports centres, factories, etc. and explain how to protect workers against the risks in these working environments.