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SLIC prepares for new campaign on preventing work-related MSDs

In the context of the ongoing Healthy Workplaces Campaign `Lighten the Load’, an inspection campaign aiming to prevent work-related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) is ready to launch. Recently, a preparatory meeting took place between the Senior Labour Inspectors’ Committee (SLIC) and EU-OSHA to combine enforcement activities with preventive, awareness-raising, informative and educational initiatives.

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Supporting materials for the inspection activities have been now approved and the guidelines set out a common inspection framework in the scope of the prevention of MSDs.

The objective of this SLIC campaign, which runs from March to June 2022, is to examine workplace compliance with rules and regulations on occupational safety and health, including ergonomics that ensure minimum requirements in the scope of the organisation and design of workstations and work practices. The inspections also aim to raise awareness among employers, and others responsible for the organisation of work, of the importance of eliminating ergonomic risk factors and reducing their negative influence on workers.

Inspections will be especially important for workplaces where MSDs are of particular concern, for example where employees perform manual handling activities, need to make highly repetitive movements or work in forced or static body positions. The campaign will also monitor the health and social care sector, courier activities, the food and drink industry, hairdressers and barbers and the construction sector.

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