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Napo is back to help protect workers from dangerous substances

The cartoon character Napo, our ambassador for healthy workplaces, is back to show how to protect workers from the risks posed by dangerous substances. Watch, share, laugh and pick up some useful tips on protecting against dust, keeping skin safe and preventing accidents when working with chemicals.


Dust at work

In his latest adventure – Napo in…dust at work – our ‘hero’ finds himself in some of the many working situations that generate dust. In his inimitable style Napo and his friends illustrate the importance of managing exposure effectively to avoid ill health and injuries, in particular respiratory problems and accidents like explosions.

Protect your skin!

Many workers face the negative effects of chemicals on their skin every day at work. Napo…in protect your skin gives an entertaining yet impactful look at the dangers of exposing the skin to harmful substances, the workplace situations where exposures occur and how to avoid risks and prevent damage to the skin.

Prevention is the key message. These include collective and/or organisational measures (not only safety and technical ones), adaptation, and finally when other prevention measures are not sufficient or to complement those, the use of personal protective equipment.

Danger: chemicals!

Some chemicals are especially dangerous; they can be irritants, flammable, corrosive, toxic or dangerous for the environment. The Napo in…danger: chemicals! video highlights the importance of CLP pictograms, or safety warnings and labels on products, which identify hazardous substances and their potential impact on health. So whether you are an employer or a worker make sure everyone follows safe working practices to avoid the risk of accidents, fires and explosions.

And also linked to dangerous substances , a previous short clip – Napo…in lungs at work – shows how tobacco smoke exposure (first hand or passive) can also lead to respiratory problems, as well as heart disease, strokes or cancers. So, for the good of yours and your co-worker’s health, stub out that cigarette!

Protect your workers and boost your productivity

Napo films are a fun, easy and engaging way for employers to inform and train workers and foster debate on occupational safety and health topics, including the importance of properly managing the risks of dangerous substances. They can be used and screened in companies so workers can share them with their networks and colleagues. All the films on the Napo website are language-free so can be understood be everyone in every activity sector and every country.

Employers have a legal responsibility to protect their workers, so sharing these videos makes business sense. Ill health resulting from exposures to chemical substances is bad for productivity, as well as for workers’ health.

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