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Get your colleagues engaged with the campaign by sharing videos and visual material

As a new year gets underway, now is the ideal time to reach out and engage more people with the campaign in order to raise awareness of the risks related to dangerous substances. Audiovisual material is a great way to get the message out as it can be shared across platforms and is easy to understand.


Videos help spread the campaign message

A good starting point for engaging people with the Healthy Workplaces Manage Dangerous Substances campaign is the campaign video. It gives a visual, user-friendly and comprehensive overview of the topic and information on exposure and how it can be prevented. The video also presents facts and figures and is subtitled in EU languages.

There’s also a Napo films section on the campaign website containing the 2018 Napo video ‘Napo in…dust at work’, as well as previous videos related to dangerous substances such as on labelling (Napo in…danger: Chemicals) and skin protection (Napo in…protect your skin). Napo films are a fun way to spread the basic principles of occupational safety and health (OSH) in an engaging and informal way. All the films in the series are language free, so can be understood by anyone.

Use ‘visualisation’ to encourage action

Striking facts and figures can induce people to take action and can help to better measure the impact of tackling risks. For example, as shown in the video of the EU Roadmap on carcinogens, the total number of people in the EU estimated to develop cancer as a result of occupational exposure to carcinogens is greater than 120,000 a year, resulting in almost 80,000 deaths every year. Many cases are preventable which is why it is so important that workers and employees are aware of the risks and how to prevent them.

EU-OSHA has developed an interactive infographic which is a useful resource for anyone looking to manage dangerous substances and protect workers. It provides figures on the main facts, risks and prevention measures and includes guidance and information on the many practical tools available to help companies manage the risks. Different language versions will also be available next month.

On the campaign website there is also a database of practical tools and guidance with around 700 entries. Awareness-raising materials amount up to 420 different examples, including poster campaigns on topics such as the importance of wearing personal protective equipment, and videos like how to safely protect construction workers from wood dust.

Share the message with your network

Information presented in a visual way can be powerful for getting the campaign messages out to both workers and employers. Many are still unaware of the basic facts and risks, so sharing easy-to-understand information can make a big difference.

You can also get inspiration from examples of other campaigns using audiovisual material by visiting the campaign toolkit. In the meantime don’t forget to follow the Healthy Workplaces Campaign on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter (#EUhealthyworkplaces).