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26/04/2022 - 10:00

SLIC Campaign inspections are now running according to plan!

In the middle of March, the EU-Members States and Norway started inspections on risks of Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs), a campaign run by SLIC working group EMEX. There will be about two thousand five hundred inspections done all over Europe this spring and summer, supervising OSH-procedures in hairdressers, healthcare and social care, food and drinks industry, transportation & courier activities, and in the construction sector.

All National Labour Inspectorates (NLIs), participating in the campaign, got together in the end of January in a virtual train-the-trainer-event to get familiar with the SLIC EMEX MSD Campaign and its objectives.

In February-March all participating national inspectors got local training and updated their knowledge on methods to assess risks of MSDs, on all common inspection material and on the way to report to the EMEX working group by using EU Survey. In this way, we will gather information for the national reports as well as for the overall project report.

14th -15th of November, WG EMEX will participate in the Healthy Workplaces summit, organised by EU OSHA in Bilbao and present the results of the campaign.

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