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09/02/2022 - 12:15

39 companies compete for the Healthy Workplaces Good Practice Awards

The 15th Healthy Workplaces Good Practice Awards competition is already showcasing success. Companies from many industry sectors all over Europe have been busy implementing measures to tackle work-related musculoskeletal disorders in past years and now it is time to recognise their efforts.

 The national winners were firstly chosen by EU-OSHA’s network of focal points and are now shortlisted to run for the European level. The entries will be judged by an international jury and the final winners will be announced in Spring 2022.


As part of the 2020-22 campaign, Healthy Workplaces Lighten the Load, the competition aims to recognise organisations making outstanding and innovative contributions to safety and health by preventing musculoskeletal disorders in the workplace.

See the list of shortlisted entries

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