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Sweden – Online orientation sessions on prevention of musculoskeletal diseases

To preview EU-OSHA’s upcoming Healthy Workplaces Lighten the Load campaign focused on raising awareness of and preventing musculoskeletal disorders, the Swedish Agency for Work Environment Expertise organises two orientation sessions to introduce the audience to the topic. 

Speakers discuss what the new regulations on repetitive and hand-intensive work mean for employers and employees alike. They delve into which individuals are more predisposed to musculoskeletal diseases and examine ways to establish a strong risk prevention culture in different industries. Additionally, they also look in detail at a case study from the beverage industry and discuss the lessons to be learnt.

The sessions close with a presentation about the results from a publication on physical work environment for health, well-being and performance as well as the upcoming inspection campaign organised by the Swedish Work Environment Authority.

The morning session is held in English and the afternoon session in Swedish.


  • Sten Haage (moderator), Senior Consultant and Partner, StrandbergHaage AB
  • Kersti Lorén, Ergonomist, the Swedish Work Environment Authority
  • Minke Wersäll, Ergonomist, the Swedish Work Environment Authority
  • Heli Aarnipuro, Inspector, the Swedish Work Environment Authority

Contact Information:  Pernilla BJÄRNE, +46 2614 84 13