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Safety and health at work in the context of the public service employees

13/06/2019 to 15/06/2019

During the last few decades, there have been significant changes in the work environment that have resulted in new challenges with regard to workers’ health and safety. In addition to creating physical, biological and chemical risks, these changes have also led to psycho-social risks, which are related to the way in which work is designed, organised and managed. These risks did not exist previously and are caused by new processes (e.g. automation), new technologies (digitisation and artificial intelligence), new forms of work and new workplaces. They are increasingly appearing in sectors such as health, police, local authorities and all forms of social work. The objective of this EUROFEDOP seminar is to analyse workplace safety and health in the nine sectors that are represented in EUROFEDEOP, and to develop recommendations for workers’ organizations as to how they can voice their concerns with the decision-makers in the European Union.

EUROFEDOP (Europese Federatie van het Overheidspersoneel) in co-operation with EZA (European Centre for Workers’ Questions)
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