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Norway - Raising awareness of hazardous substances at work in Tromsø

Scandic Grand TromsøTromsøNorway

Taking place in Tromsø as part of a series of awareness-raising events across Norway, this seminar focuses on the importance of effective risk assessment in the management of hazardous substances. It aims to raise awareness of the challenges workers face when handling dangerous substances, which can cause acute and long-term health issues.

Speakers present the main objectives and messages of the Healthy Workplaces Manage Dangerous Substances campaign and discuss how they can be implemented in Norway. The aim is to inform small business employers and employees about the health and safety risks of handling hazardous materials in the workplace.

Finally, speakers give special attention to the challenges of assessing risks caused by dangerous substances. They present practical examples along with risk assessment tools and measures that can be adopted to manage dangerous substances more carefully and efficiently.

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