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Netherlands - Congress on the prevention of occupational diseases


This congress takes place during the annual ‘Week van de RI&E’ on risk assessment and evaluation, and focuses on the prevention of occupational diseases.

Speakers discuss the role of prevention officers, following the national occupational diseases programme launched in spring 2018. They highlight the risks posed by dangerous substances in the workplace and warn against the effects of long-term exposure to seemingly harmless substances, such as flour dust, pollen or solvents that can lead to occupational diseases.

Prevention officers get the opportunity to participate in different knowledge sessions and workshops and exchange best practices.


  • Wendela Hooftman, Researcher
  • Jan Harmen Kwantes, Researcher
  • Peter Coffeng, Occupational doctor
  • Peter van Balen, Occupational hygienist
  • Petra van de Goorbergh
  • Nicole de Koning, Researcher
  • Laurie Hermans, Researcher
  • Heleen de Kraker, Researcher
  • Eveline Jansen, Communication expert
TNO Prevention, Work & Health
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