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Improving working conditions in the cleaning sector

Cleaning work is an important part of everyday life, yet it is disproportionately done by women – especially migrant women. Cleaning workers have poor working conditions, are often low paid, work long and/or unsociable hours and are at risk of recurring back problems, stress and job dissatisfaction.

On 15 June, the Austrian focal point is holding an awareness-raising ‘Day of Cleaning’ event to address the challenges facing the cleaning sector. Speakers provide information on how to improve working conditions and experts and participants get the opportunity to discuss the current challenges and work on potential solutions. Interactive workshops further expand on the issues discussed and provide a framework for developing concepts for safer working environments.

Taking place in Vienna, around 100 participants are attending including representatives of the Austrian Social Service, workers' councils representatives, employees of the Austrian Labour Inspectorate, occupational physicians, scientists, cleaning companies and clients of cleaning companies.


  • Dr. Anna Ritzberger-Moser, Department Head at the Ministry of Social Affairs
  • Martina Häckel-Bucher, Austrian Focal Point Manager and Deputy Department Head at the Ministry of Social Affairs
  • Julia Steurer, The Austrian Labour Inspectorate
  • Dr. Karin Sardadvar, Vienna University of Economics and Business
  • Dr. Bettina Stadler, FOBRA – Working Life Research Centre Vienna
  • Viveka Ansorge, ArbeitGestalten Beratungsgesellschaft mbH – Organisational and personnel development
  • Martin Sobotka, AMS – Public Employment Services Austria
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