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Seminar - Firefighters' work environment and hazardous substances

Mässvägen 1, Älvsjö, Sweden Stockholmsmässan: 125 80 Stockholm SwedenStockholmSweden

Research shows that the firefighters as a group is at an increased risk of suffering from some serious diseases compared to the rest of the population (LeMasters et al. 2006). This despite the fact that firefighters as a group consider often have a healthy lifestyle and thus good health. One circumstance that distinguishes firefighters from many other groups is that firefighters are often exposed to situations where foreign and unfamiliar chemical compounds occur.

The contamination of firefighters is both obvious and hidden. However, it should be assumed that the firefighters themselves can influence their vulnerability.
Firefighters should be able to start their workouts in a complete and clean protective clothing and have the opportunity to protect their breathing pathways and skin in all situations. Possibility should also be for mechanical remediation of protective clothing and other equipment every time they have been contaminated. Routines that separate contaminated from clean during transport and when handling at the fire station is also basic.

In the profession as a firefighter and fireofficer, workers are exposed to a constantly changing risks. In fires, particles that contaminate equipment, clothing are released. Continuously new materials are used in society, which in fire places high demands on the employee's occupational safety. With the furious development of society, the health risks of the firefighters and fireofficers increase in their professional role.

Better protective equipment, work environment and routines are needed to minimize risks.

Welcome to a seminar in collaboration with EU stakeholders, an analysis of the latest research findings.

Speaker: Mr. Anders Cederberg, fire officer and founder of the firefighter's cancer fund.

24 October 12:15 - 13:00

Location at the fair: Stage "Brand", A27:20

Moderator: Mikael Svanberg, Christer Nyberg

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Address: Mässvägen 1, Älvsjö, Sweden

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