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The extended implications of chronic work-related MSDs

Work-related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) can be painful and debilitating, however their impact can extend far beyond the worker who experiences this pain. The conditions can have significant economic and social impacts – something that all businesses should be aware of.

To address the issue of the extended implications of MSDs, the Romanian focal point is organising a webinar on 16 July. The webinar offers concrete information on the financial and social impact of MSDs in sectors such as rubber processing and waste recycling in Romania. Speakers discuss the costs and benefits of providing ergonomic facilities for workers within companies, using case studies and practical demonstrations from relevant industries. Speakers also highlight the social implications of MSDs, such as early retirement, prolonged sick leave, long rehabilitation processes and disability. The session concludes with an examination of the psychological aspects, alongside the potential to relocate workers with MSDs to other areas of the business.

This session represents a holistic overview of the extended implications of MSDs, and as such, it is relevant to a wide audience, including members of the Romanian focal point’s national network, representatives from OSH professional associations, OSH experts, HR teams, managers and insurance specialists.


  • Ioana-Georgiana Nicolescu, Manager of the EU OSHA Focal Point – Romania
  • Adrian Ispӑșoiu, President of the Romanian OSH Association (ARSSM)
  • Alina Voinea, psychologist, psychotherapist and PR consultant
  • Doru Costin Darabont, Director-General of the National Research & Development Institute of Occupational Safety ‘Alexandru Darabont’ INCDPM, Bucharest
  • OSH Representative from a rubber/tyre processing company in Timișoara
  • OSH Representative from a waste recycling company in Buzău
  • ARSSM OSH experts
  • A fitness instructor
Institutul Naţional de Cercetare - Dezvoltare pentru Protecţia Muncii ''Alexandru Darabont'' - INCDPM, București