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Estonia – Conference on dangerous substances and occupational stress

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This conference celebrates Estonia’s annual Health and Safety Day and seeks to promote the safe handling of dangerous substances and start a dialogue on trends in occupational health.

Speakers delve into the Healthy Workplaces Manage Dangerous Substances campaign and look at the health and safety measures implemented in working environments in Estonia. They highlight the importance of medical examinations by occupational health doctors to tackle not only exposures to harmful substances, but also stress at work.

Speakers introduce Tööelu’s information system which aims to provide people in Estonia with information about the working environment, employment relationships and the labour market. Furthermore, they discuss different approaches to occupational stress and share practical ways to minimise physical and mental hazards in the workplace.


  • Kristel Abel, National Focal Point Manager, Labour Inspectorate of Estonia
  • Evelin Ilves, Occupational health doctor
  • Kadi Lambot, CEO, Confido Clinic
  • Maret Maripuu, Director General, Labour Inspectorate of Estonia
  • Piret Kaljula, Work environment consultant, Labour Inspectorate of Estonia
  • Rauno Piirsalu, Project manager, Tööelu information system
  • Riina Ilves, Personnel manager, Elisa Estonia
  • Tanel Kiik, Minister of Socail Affairs
  • Tiina Pappel, Teacher, Isvara Yoga school
Labour Inspectorate of Estonia (Tööinspektsioon)
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