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Bulgaria - Workshop on applying chemicals legislation to establish health and safety at work


This workshop aims to raise awareness of the legal requirements relating to the management of chemicals, paying special attention to hazardous waste, to minimise exposures that could pose a risk to employees’ health and safety.

Speakers present the Regulation for Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) and underline its link with the Occupational Safety and Health directives in creating safe and healthy working environments. They discuss how employees can play an active role in the risk assessment process in their workplace to show that prevention is everyone’s responsibility.

Speakers share examples of the most common violations when handling hazardous substances and introduce some of the activities planned at national level to improve working conditions and help diagnose and prevent occupational diseases.


  • Alexander Zagorov, Podkrepa Laboratory
  • Penka Mitreva, Head of Risk Manufacturing and Activities Unit, EA GLI
  • Violeta Dobreva, Director of Working Conditions Fund, Ministry of Labour and Social Policy
Ministry of Labour and Social Policy
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