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Belgium - Campaign closing event focusing on the management of chemical substances

SPF Emploi, Travail Et Concertation Sociale (ETCS)Brussels Belgium

This campaign closing event, taking place during the European Week for Safety and Health at Work, evaluates the current situation of dangerous substances in Belgian workplaces. It aims to raise awareness of safe handling practices to avoid work-related accidents and reflects on the results of the Healthy Workplaces Manage Dangerous Substances campaign in Belgium.

Speakers present the Screening, Observation, Analysis and Expertise (SOBANE) risk prevention strategy which aims to determine the conditions of exposure to dangerous chemicals in the workplace and how to manage them safely. They draw attention to the importance of chemical risk analysis to establish safe and healthy working environments. In addition, they introduce the Roadmap on carcinogens and call upon participants to implement good practices, minimising occupational exposure to carcinogenic substances.

Speakers give insights on the risk prevention tools available as regards the chemical industry. They then focus on some misconceptions around dangerous substances and underline how they pose a threat to many workers.

Speakers also share good occupational safety and health (OSH) practices implemented by Belgian companies to inspire participants to establish a strong culture of risk prevention and eliminate work-related accidents and diseases to increase workability. Finally, they present the Belgian winner of the Healthy Workplaces Good Practice Awards and screen an interactive, animated video on dangerous substances. 


  • Frank Dehasque, National Focal Point Manager, FPS Employment, Labour and Social Dialogue
  • Jos de Lange, National Focal Point Manager, TNO Prevention, Work & Health
  • Dimitri De Coninck, Head of department, Industrial Toxicology Laboratory Directorate, SPF Emploi, Travail et Concertation sociale
  • Dorothee Dupuis, Security advisor, Essencia
  • Frederic Haegeman, Prevention advisor, Mensura
  • Ludo Colaers, Prevention advisor, IDEWE
  • Yves De Groeve, SPF Emploi, Travail Et Concertation Sociale (ETCS)
FPS Employment, Labour and Social Dialogue
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