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Only decent working conditions throughout the whole working life allow healthy ageing and retirement in good health. What’s more, a sustainable working life ensures that older workers can remain in employment for longer, contributing their experience and knowledge to the workforce as a whole.

The resources collected on this page will provide you with more information about the issues relating to ageing and the workplace. They also show some of the ways in which problematic safety and health situations can be resolved when workers and employers work together to manage them.


Recommended resources for you

Case studies

Case studies such as the following provide practical examples showing how you, as a worker or a trade union representative, can work with an employer to make the workplace safer, healthier and fairer for workers of all ages.


Senior policy measures at St. Olav’s Hospital

Around 20 % of St Olav’s employees are over 55 and early retirement costs are high — the hospital needed to retain as many experienced workers as possible. In partnership with its trade unions and external consultants, it developed a senior policy, which offered measures such as additional days’ leave, training and work ability discussions to over 55s.

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Browse our case studies for a range of ideas about how to improve working conditions for all in workplaces large and small.


Our e-guide offers practical guidance on dealing with safety and health in the workplace in the context of an ageing workforce. It explores the key issues, suggests ways to approach problems and provides useful links.

Other relevant resources

We have a huge variety of resources on healthy ageing at work. Here are just a few: a light-hearted short film, a selection of practical tools and the campaign materials that can help you raise awareness and change behaviour in your workplace or those of the workers you represent.