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Endegs - Mobile VOC Combustion

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Mission Statement
Endegs is the european pioneer in mobile VOC combustion operating in nearly 10 european countries. We provide specialized health, safety and environmental services with state of the art technology combined with highly skilled, trained and experienced employees. We support our clients in the Oil&Gas, Petro/Chemical, Fertilizer, Food, Automotive, Steel, Pipeline, Storage and Transport Sector to protect their workers, facilities and the environment throughout the whole supply chain with the degassing of every containment filled with a broad variety of volantile organic compunds. Obviously we fullfill every local or european legislation during our service.
Our campaign pledge
The Endegs organization with all its employees will proactively share its knowledge during the campaign and throughout a broad variety of channels and activities with and to everyone how is directly and indirectly involved in the campaign or for whom this topic is relevant with the aim to create awarness and to protect the health and safety of employees/workers and the environment.
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Managing Director, owner
In 2007 I've started Endegs with the first mobile combustion chamber with the aim to support a broad range of industries to fullfill changing laws in the handling of dangerous substances (volantile organic compunds; VOC). Today, more than one decade later Endegs has grown to an european organization with an unrivaled knowledge about degassing and a proven track record of more than 15 millionen m³ degassed volume filled with dangerous substances without any incident. It's my pleasure and desire to share the knowledge, developing new solutions and help companies, organizations and authorities to create awareness in managing dangerous substances to protect their employees and the environment.
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Endegs - Mobile VOC Combustion
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