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EAEF - The Employee Assistance European Forum

Organisation Type
Business sector
Human health and social work activities
Mission Statement
The EAEF is a not-for-profit member organization with the aim to be the voice of Employee Assistance and wellbeing in Europe.
Our mission is to provide members with the opportunity to optimise the range and quality of their services through networking, information, training and exchange platforms. To promote EA through European local and global stakeholder organisations (especially HR/Health & Safety/ other professional trade associations and government) and through the media and to enable members to develop and maintain high standards of professionalism and ethics, differentiating them from non-members.
Our campaign pledge
The EAEF is very keen to actively promote the OSHA campaign ''Healthy Workplaces Lighten the Load 2020-22''. Being an European wide (25 countries) members professional organization we pledge to promote the campaign among our members. We will on the other side ask our members to promote the campaign among their clients and customers. This way we can ensure maximum europewide promotion.
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EAEF President
Many organisations are starting to implement pro-active strategies to support and improve employee wellbeing however, we can see that this trend is not consistent throughout all of Europe therefore more work is needed to raise awareness and educate to ensure the prevention of ill health. Through the work of the EAEF and its members, we can see a direct link between the physical and mental health of inidvudals and believe that by supporting both of these elements, it will lead to a greater understanding of what contributes to ill health and how organisations can directly contribute to its improvement.
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