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Mission Statement
The Swedish Work Environment Authority is the administrative authority for issues relating to the working environment.

Our vision is that “everyone wants to, and can, create a good work environment”. To reach our goal, we promote and encourage active participation in every workplace in Sweden.
Our principal aim is to protect the right to a healthy and safe working environment.
We strive to reduce the risks of ill-health and accidents at work and to improve the working environment in a holistic perspective. We act to realise the public policy objective of a good and developmental working environment for all.

The Swedish Work Environment Authority’s paramount objective is to reduce the risks of ill-health and accidents in the workplace and to improve the work environment in a holistic perspective, i.e. from the physical, mental, social and organisational viewpoints.
Lindhagensgatan 133
SE-112 79
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Kicki HÖÖK
arbetsmiljoverket [at] av [dot] se
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+46 +46 10 730 90 00