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Slovakia – Building a culture of occupational health and safety

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This conference wraps up a series of events linked to the Healthy Workplaces Manage Dangerous Substances campaign and promotes the building of a strong occupational health and safety (OSH) culture in different industries in Slovakia.

Speakers present the latest OSH trends at national and international level and discuss good practices in establishing a culture of risk prevention in the nuclear energy and steel industries. They highlight the importance of raising awareness of the nature and abundance of dangerous substances at work and the risks they pose, to build safer workplaces and minimise work-related accidents.

Speakers offer an overview of the activities implemented so far at national level and discuss the upcoming activities related to the new Healthy Workplaces campaign focusing on the prevention of work-related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).

Finally, they share examples of effectively established risk prevention measures in different companies in Slovakia and award them with safe workplace certificates.


  • Ladislav Kerekeš, National Focal Point Manager, National Labour Inspectorate
  • Diana Legdanová, Security and OSH manager, Východoslovenská energetika Holding, a.s
  • František Hromo, Director of work safety, Mondi SCP, a.s
  • Marek Rolinec, Head of Industrial Safety Culture, Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation
  • Michal Horňak, Head of OSH section, NIP
  • Milan Veselý, Chief Executive Officer, Slovalco, a. s.
  • Miroslava Mošonová, Director of Labour inspection section, NIP
  • Peter Makovický, Safety and Environment Head of Team, Kia Motors Slovakia, a.s.
  • Róbert Meitner, Deputy General Manager for Safety and Hygien, U.S. Steel Kosice
National Labour Inspectorate / Národný inšpektorát práce
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