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Finland – Conference on safe handling of chemical agents at work

Sokos Hotel PuijonsarviKuopioFinland

This event aims to raise awareness of the risks posed by chemical agents in the workplace and to educate participants on how to efficiently identify and manage them to minimise harmful exposures and work-related diseases.

Speakers present the current legal requirements related to the management of chemicals and share information on how to identify and safely handle the associated health risks. They outline the steps towards proper safety inspections and explain how to keep risk assessment documents up to date.

Speakers stress that poor workplace management can put workers at unnecessary risk and share guidance to help businesses manage chemicals on a practical level. Finally, they share case studies of good practices implemented throughout Finland to inspire others to establish a strong risk prevention culture and eliminate occupational health and safety risks.


  • Anne Voutilainen, Service Director
  • Anu Tiikasalo, Occupational Safety Manager
  • Eini Kirsikka-aho, Occupational Safety Officer, Servica
  • Hannele Nikander-Tuominen, Chief Nurse
  • Isto Karjalainen, Occupational Safety Officer
  • Jaana Savolainen, Bioanalyst, Occupational Safety Ombudsman
  • Jussi Turpeinen, Inspector, Regional Administration of Eastern Finland
  • Petri Pakkanen, Occupational Safety and Health Center
Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, Finland
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