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Innovation in PHS: prevention of risks posed by dangerous substances

European Economic and Social Committee, Room JDE63BrusselsBelgium

The 8th European Conference on Personal and Household Services is dedicated to the issue of innovation in the sector, including in its business models, working conditions, statistical issues and what policies can support best innovation in the sector. PHS include a broad range of activities that contribute to the well-being of families and individuals such as child care, long-term care for the elderly and for persons with disabilities, ironing, cooking, cleaning, gardening, remedial classes, small repair work and home administrative tasks. 

PHS workers face important work-related hazards (physical, chemicals and psychological risks) and the fact that they operate mostly in private homes makes prevention particularly challenging. Therefore on this occasion, EFSI is organising a roundtable dedicated to innovative practices in the prevention of risks posed by dangerous substances in the PHS sector. This rountable will shed lights on the risks face by PHS workers, in particular dangerous substances, and discuss solutions to tackle them. Hence, the following speakers have confirmed their participation: 

  • Ana Catalina Ramirez, Technical Specialist, Occupational Health and Safety, ILO
  • Grace Papa, Regional Secretary, ACV-CSC, Member of the European Federation of Food, Agriculture and Tourism Trade Union (EFFAT) and Member of the Executive Committee of the International Domestic Workers Federation (IDWF)
  • Liesbet Everaert, Unit Manager, Start People Services

Participation to the event is free but registration is compulsory before the 19th of January 2019. 

European Federation for Services to Individuals (EFSI)
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