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Selena FM

Organisation Type
Privates Unternehmen
Business sector
Verarbeitendes Gewerbe/Herstellung von Waren
Mission Statement
Modern tailored builder solutions for the modern construction.
To deliver products and solutions for modern construction jobs, developed for and with the professional builders.
Our campaign pledge
1. Promoting the campaign in companies belonging to the Group 2. Encourage companies to participate in local campaigns 3. Currently, as Selena FM, we have joined the Polish version of the campaign 4. Additionally, we plan group activities (indicated above)
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Member of the Board, Chief Operating Office
Ergonomics and safety are interrelated and most companies are aware of this today. In recent years, the goal of zero accidents and improving ergonomics has become a reality for many companies.

Safe workplaces mean better motivation and greater employee involvement. The good health and safety of employees is also a strong asset that can help attract new talent.

The awareness of a friendly work environment, the increase in knowledge of the basics of safety and ergonomics both in the office and in the production hall is increasing. Selena Group also participates in this journey to health and safety excellence, where, step by step, we take our journey into the area of zero accidents and ergonomic work organization, ensuring a friendly environment for employees. I see participation in this program as another step towards achieving our goals.
Main contact
Environmental Health and Safety Specialist
+48 71 78 38 290

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