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Business sector
Mission Statement
BusinessEurope is committed to working together with the European Agency as well as other relevant actors to promote the campaign. We will reach out to our member federations, individual companies to raise awareness of the business case for preventive health and safety actions, to promote healthy workplaces that manage efficiently work-related musculoskeletal disorders. We will reach out to other relevant actors to highlight the need to develop simple, adaptable and effective tools to help companies take action. We will ensure that employers’ views are part of the debate.
Our campaign pledge
As a recognised EU social partner, BusinessEurope reaches out to 35 European countries whose national business federations are our direct members. We are able to promote the Campaign among them. Moreover, we can bring examples of what employers are doing in their daily operations and what challenges they face. This ''hands-on experience'' greatly contributes to improving existing solutions and may become an inspiration for developing new, tailor-made initiatives.
Director General
European employers are committed to providing healthy and safe workplaces. This includes taking action to prevent work-related musculoskeletal disorders, which is important not only to protect workers, but also to avoid high levels of staff absence, improve productivity and ensure business continuity. This has become an even more topical issue with COVID-19. At the same time, musculoskeletal disorders can also be caused by activities outside work. Therefore, it's important to not hold employers responsible for matters beyond their control. Companies also need guidance and tools to support them. That’s precisely why we’re supporting the campaign, as we hope it will provide these! We look forward to engaging.
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