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A key objective of the Healthy Workplaces for All Ages Campaign is to promote sustainable work and healthy ageing from the start of, and throughout, working life. Lifelong learning is a great way to help both workers and employers face the...
While longer, healthier lives is reason to celebrate, we must also remember that a decreasing birth rate means fewer young people entering the labour market. For employers this means a reduction in the potential pool of workers which could result in workforce and skill shortages. This in turn will impact productivity, competitiveness and the ability to provide essential services. Retaining older, skilled and experienced workers is therefore becoming increasingly important, as migration may be...Se mere
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"Managing labor activity of employees 50+ " is a project which aims to maintain work activity of employees which are over 50 years old. It targets the development and implementation of a solution for employees in micro, small and middle sized...
"Managing labor activity of employees 50+ " is a project which aims to maintain work activity of employees which are over 50 years old. It targets the development and implementation of a solution for employees in micro, small and middle companies, as well as the social businesses. The solution will contain a concept depicting better usage of employees’ resources over 50 years. Its emphasis lies especially on the bigger risk of age connected diseases and the weaker physical and mental condition...Se mere
It is all about you: take care of your health and keep fit to stay on top of your game through your entire working life and beyond!
The first video of fun and engaging SAP Healthy Ageing Tips in a Minute Video Series is now available: For further information Patricia O'Callaghan +353 91 433 137Se mere
"Safe Company 2016" May 21st was the last day of the “Safe Company” championships (POL “Bezpieczna Firma”)
Participants took part in 12 competitions which were prepared by the Medicover Rescue Academy instructors: · “Bezpieczna Firma” is a competition for companies involving employees trained in first aid. · The competition is an excellent opportunity to test their skills in practice - in realistic conditions and under the watchful eye of experts. · This year’s competition took place on May 19th - 21st and it was attended by 35 teams from 28 companies. Please see a short movie from the competition...Se mere
Safety Focus presented the European campaign "Healthy Workplaces for All Ages" during a training of new Civil Protection operators.
During the training of the new operators of the "Protezione Civile" (Civil Protection) in Albano Laziale (Italy), carried ouon 22 to 24 July, Safety Focus presented the European campaign "Healthy Workplaces for All Ages". Of particular importance to the new operators, all aged between 18 and 19 years, was to introduce an integrated safety approach starting from workplaces.Se mere
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Healthy Workplaces hero Napo leads us to a healthy future. In his new film, we see Napo given the power of time travel. With his new power, he explores both the past and the future, uncovering the key elements of healthier and more productive workplaces in the context of an ageing workforce. From ergonomic positions and correct lifting procedures to training workers of all ages and return-to-work initiatives, Napo shows us the importance of managing risks from the beginning of a worker’s career...Se mere
You can access a range of practical tools and guidance and publications to make sure your workplace is safe and healthy for all ages. Have a look at our case studies to see how several workplaces have already successfully tackled safety and health issues. Our interactive e-guide explores practical approaches to managing age-related risks in a user-friendly way. And, for a quick and fun introduction, watch our hero Napo in action! If your workplace needs an effective safety and health campaign,...Se mere
Organisations of all sizes in all sectors can contribute to promoting sustainable work and healthy ageing as part of the Healthy Workplaces for All Ages Campaign. However, no campaign can be successful and raise awareness unless its message is...
This is where EU-OSHA’s campaign media partners come in. They play the vital role of getting the message out to as many people as possible, using their various channels to discuss and promote the campaign. EU-OSHA’s campaign media partners form an exclusive pool of journalists and editors from all over Europe interested in promoting occupational safety and health for workers of all ages. They work together with EU-OSHA in order to communicate the campaign’s messages to the public - through...Se mere
EU-OSHA analysed workplace practices for safety and health at work, and reviewed the latest literature on rehabilitation and return-to-work strategies, as part of a European Parliament pilot project on the safety and health of older workers . These reports identify what measures are being taken, and what measures give positive and sustainable results. They also identify barriers to the successful implementation of such measures, and the support needed to overcome these barriers. More reports on...Se mere
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Does your organisation want to promote its corporate responsibility and occupational safety and health actions to a wide-ranging audience, and network with like-minded international groups? Does your media organisation want to boost its reputation, network and visibility? If so, apply now to become a partner of the Healthy Workplaces for All Ages Campaign . You will be joining more than 75 official campaign partners , including multinational companies and public bodies, and 30 pan-European...Se mere