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Santa Margherita Ligure (GE), September 20th - In the fantastic scenery of the Ligurian coast the online magazine Safety Focus (campaign media partner) organised a seminar of the 2016-2017 European Campaign "Healthy Workplaces for All Ages" focusing...
The event involved staff of Il Grande Blu Diving Center and their clients, who promoted the messages of the 2016-17 EU-OSHA campaign, underlining the importance of age differences in the risk assessment of diving center activities, where workers are predominantly young. The employer, Luca Zanotto, at the end of the day said to be happy with the results of the seminar and messages of the campaign. He will be committed to new prevention measures and to consider age differences. On www.safetyfocus...Se mere
Milan, September 19th - In the offices of Coats Thread Italy the online magazine Safety Focus (campaign media partner) organised a seminar of the 2016-2017 European Campaign "Healthy Workplaces for All Ages" about the importance of the age...
The event involved all the people in the Milan office of Coats Thread Italy who promoted the messages of EU-OSHA campaign. The Director of Safety Focus, Mario Stigliano, explained - during his speech- the purpose of the 2016-17 EU-OSHA campaign, underlining the importance of the age differences in the risk assessment in the textile sector. An often underestimated risk that requires a different approach, but very important to improve the protection of workers' health. This was followed by the...Se mere
Time is quickly running out to become an Official Campaign Partner of the Healthy Workplaces for All Ages Campaign, so sign up now and join Europe’s top organisations in helping to promote the benefits of a sustainable working life.
At the time of writing 78 Official Campaign Partners are on board to spread the message and raise awareness. They are contributing through online promotions, and by hosting and participating in lots of exciting events, trainings, publications and partnerships. Plus, much more is in the pipeline for the rest of the campaign. The network is made up of European and international companies and organisations representing employers’ and workers’ federations, technology platforms, non-governmental...Se mere
Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) employ more than half the workers in the EU, and therefore their occupational safety and health (OSH) conditions have a great impact on the EU economy. Whilst all SMEs are different and face different...
Addressing the challenge of an ageing workforce depends on stimulating and mobilising SMEs to take action and to make them aware of the benefits of retaining older workers. Research shows that measures to promote longer working lives are less common in SMEs, so raising awareness and providing SMEs with examples of good practices is key. SMEs have a different set of weaknesses when it comes to age management, particularly considering budgetary constraints and the smaller number of staff. Less...Se mere
This year the Swedish campaign consists of four parts.
Information letter In week 36, an information letter will be sent to some 25 000 employers in certain sectors. The purpose is to raise awareness about the campaign and to promote discussions at workplaces about healthy workplaces for all ages. The letter also suggests that the employers visit our website. Inspections During two weeks in October about 6% of the employers above will be inspected by an OSH inspector from the Swedish Work Environment Authority. The purpose is to have discussions...Se mere
Employers are increasingly tapping into the benefits that active age management practices such as intergenerational cooperation can bring, not only to bridge the gap between young and older workers but also to increase the overall knowledge within...
With birth rates in decline, fewer young people entering the labour market and an ageing population, age management is becoming an increasingly pressing concern in the EU. However, some employers are not yet taking full advantage of the experience and skills already inside their firms. Intergenerational exchange is a cost-effective and efficient way of transferring knowledge to safeguard against the loss of skills from retirements or staff departures. Mentoring programmes have long been used to...Se mere
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If you are an international or pan-European organisation or company, EU-OSHA invites you to apply to become an official campaign partner of the 2016-17 Healthy Workplaces for All Ages campaign. From the wealth of opportunities for networking and good practice exchange to increasing your visibility and gaining recognition for your commitment, there are a multitude of benefits of becoming an official campaign partner. To find out how to become an official campaign partner, have a look at the...Se mere
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In 2002, Official Campaign Partners EuroCommerce and Uni Europa jointly created the "Voluntary Guidelines supporting age diversity in the commerce sector" as a potential framework for social partners to promote active ageing policies in the sector...
The revised guidelines continue promoting a dynamic commerce industry, as well as recommending best practices for ageing workers, in line with the Healthy Workplaces for All Ages campaign and as source of inspiration for employers and workers in any sector. The guidelines encourage employers to take an age-neutral approach in the field of human resources management and to base recruitment and training on the skills and abilities - not the age - of workers. They also outline how social partners...Se mere
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International Youth Day, taking place on 12 August, aims to highlight the challenges faced by young people in different walks of life. So what about the challenges facing young people at work? Young workers are 40 % more likely to suffer serious...
EU-OSHA is committed to tackling the hazards faced by young workers, and it forms a key part of the Healthy Workplaces for All Ages Campaign. After all, the young workers of today are the older workers of tomorrow, which is why early prevention at work is the key to healthy and active ageing. Several factors put young people at increased risk in the workplace: a lack of skills or training; unawareness of their rights and employers’ duties; a lack of confidence to speak out; and employers not...Se mere
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You can be involved in the Healthy Workplaces Campaign, whether you are a worker , employer , occupational safety and health professional , HR manager , researcher or policy-maker . We have resources tailored to each of these groups, such as campaign materials, case studies, publications, and practical tools and guidance, including an e-guide on managing safety and health at work for an ageing workforce. Safety and health at work is good for everyone, so get involved today! Visit our website to...Se mere