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Official campaign partner Lego held a good practice exchange event on 9-10 November at their headquarters in Billund, Denmark. A number of campaign partners came together to discuss ‘Safety and health across borders’.
Discussions in Denmark focused on challenges facing multinational companies like the different reporting standards across Europe. Participants also shared the experiences of their companies, notably in relation to good practices for reducing accidents at work - a key issue for everyone involved in workplace safety and health. Good practice exchange events are the ideal setting for organisations to learn from each other’s successes and to bring them together to discuss new ideas and forge closer...Se mere
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One hundred official campaign partners from pan-European organisations and multinational companies and over 30 media partners now support EU-OSHA to promote the proactive management of safety and health at work for an ageing workforce. This active support and commitment confirms their belief that safe and healthy workplaces are integral to continued economic success and a sustainable future. Check out our new campaign partners Complete listing of campaign partners See the campaign media...Se mere
Europe’s ageing workforce requires occupational safety and health (OSH) strategies to consider the different challenges facing men and women in order to properly inform policy, debate and future research on sustainable work.
EU-OSHA has recently published an info sheet and an executive summary on ‘ Women and the ageing workforce: implications for occupational safety and health’ . It highlights the need to consider age-related changes linked to biological differences, what can be done to address the OSH risks relating to gender and age, and how employers can play their part. Changing demographics are making age-related OSH strategies a crucial tool in ensuring that people stay in work longer, which in turn, helps...Se mere
"To Be a Teacher" by Jakob Schmidt of Germany has won the Healthy Workplaces Film Award for 2016. The award is presented at the DOK Leipzig international documentary and animated film festival for the best film on a work-related topic. The film follows three very different characters and their tension-filled path through the education sector. With sense of humour, a serious underlying message about the future of young people and very well developed characters, Jakob Schmidt allows the audience...Se mere
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PROTEGER 2016 - 5th Safety and Security Conference, promoted by APSEI - Safety and Security Portuguese Association, ended with over 1400 participants. The event took place in Estoril, Portugal, from 18 to 20 October.
Over 100 Portuguese and international speakers were part of a three-day conference with three thematic auditoriums dedicated to Fire Safety, Security and Health and Safety at Work. In the Health and Safety at Work auditorium participants were able to attend panels dedicated to "Personal Protective Equipment: the last frontier of protection at work", "Quality and competence in Health and Safety", "Dangerous goods: transport and handling, "Health and Safety reaction to social and economical...Se mere
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Coincidiendo con la Semana Europea para la Seguridad y Salud en el Trabajo, Invassat organizó el 25-27/10/2016 en Alicante y Valencia unas ponencias bajo el título “Hacia un envejecimiento activo más saludable”. Coinciding with the European Week for...
The event was attended by the General Director of Occupation, Cristina Moreno, who highlighted the interest on healthy work at all ages, in order to grow older working in a healthy way, and not ageing because of work. Moreno pointed out that healthy active ageing should be a relevant issue, so it is necessary to include "the age factor in the evaluation of occupational risks, which is a way of work and study...Se mere
Once again the European Week for Safety and Health at Work proved a big success. The week of 24 - 28 October saw activities take place all over Europe aimed at promoting healthy ageing and sustainable work for all ages.
Things kicked off on 24 October with, among others, a conference in Bratislava organised by the Slovak EU Council Presidency. The conference, entitled ‘A better preventive culture in a new labour market’ , was attended by EU-OSHA director Dr Christa Sedlatschek who presented the campaign’s latest findings. The conference provided an excellent opportunity to discuss major challenges for OSH in the future, such as the demographic change. Among many others, labour inspectors from Cyprus, Poland...Se mere
Bologna (Italy), October 18th - During the Safety Leadership Event organized by Foundation LHS, the online magazine Safety Focus (campaign media partner) organized a seminar on the 2016-2017 European Campaign "Healthy Workplaces for All Ages",...
During the Safety Leadership Event organized by the Foundation LHS, Safety Focus (Media Partner) who promoted the messages of the EU-OSHA campaign Health Workplaces for All Ages, underlining the importance of the age differences in the risk assessment in all activities. On and on social media Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter photos of the event can be found, searching for the hashtag #EUhealthyworkplaces.Se mere
On the occasion of the European Week for Safety and Health at Work a visit to the company “Aurubis Bulgaria” JSC was held on the 28th of October. Organizers of the event were Foundation Center for Safety and Health at Work in collaboration with the...
As a kind and welcoming host, the team of Aurubis Bulgaria JSC had organized one warm and well-coordinated reception. Before they started their presentation of the company there was time for a short networking. Mr. Evelin Rusinov – Head of Department of Health and Safety Working Conditions (HSWC) - was the first one to present the company. Jointly with the traditional introduction to the company and his HSWC Department, he showed some “successful occupational safety and health practices” that...Se mere
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EU-OSHA and the campaign media partner PPE.ORG joined on 19 October in a live Q&A Twitter chat to promote the e-guide on managing safety and health at work for an ageing workforce. We thank PPE.ORG and all participants for joining the chat. You...