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An international conference looking at the challenges of Europe’s ageing workforce takes place on 14 March in Florence, Italy. The event provides a platform to discuss models of integration of older workers necessary to achieve a sustainable working life and an active ageing in good health in today’s rapidly changing, technology-driven world of work. EU-OSHA Director Christa Sedlatschek takes part in the conference with the presentation ‘Toward an active working society: a European global...Se mere
Europe’s ageing workforce means organisations are becoming increasingly keen to help retain older employees and reduce workplace absences. Ergonomics in the context of work is increasingly being used as a means of improving workplace design and of...
Ergonomics is a scientific discipline that can be applied to occupational safety and health (OSH) to improve the safety, well-being and comfort of workers. The aim is to enhance the safety of systems at work and therefore, more broadly, of society as a whole. Europe’s declining birth rate means organisations need to retain and make the most of its older workers. Ergonomics can help employers across all industries to optimise their working systems to reduce risks, and in turn, reduce absenteeism...Se mere
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CESI's 2016 project on safety and health in public administrations formally closed with the publication of a final study on good practices in the management of new and emerging risks for safety and health in the public sector. It draws on the...
The study assesses the EU’s legislative and policy framework on occupational health and safety, reviews fundamental work-related stress and psychosocial risks, analyses new working patters which contribute to these, and describes good practices on how to tackle new and emerging risks for safety and health at work in four public administrations in Europe: • Spain: ‘Procedure n. 601’ for the determination of a risk assessment methodology, a check-list model for the early recognition of stressors...Se mere
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"Healthy Office" (POL: Zdrowe Biuro) - workshop on ergonomics, organized by Medicover. Workshop dedicated to administrative staff, working every day with computers, who want to change their workplaces into healthier places to work.
As a part of the Healthy Workplaces for All Ages campaign in 2016, Medicover organized a workshop called "Healthy Office" (POL: Zdrowe Biuro), dedicated to administrative staff, working every day with computers, who want to change their workplaces into healthier places to work. During the workshop, participants became acquainted with the concept of ergonomics, they were shown new trends in equipping the office and informed about the most common work-related diseases. Medicover experts taught...Se mere
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This month, the MoPAct Project, in which AGE was a partner, drew to an end. The research project had the objective to provide the research and practical evidence which enables to make longevity an asset for social and economic development in Europe...
In November 2016, the project organized its final conference in Brussels to present the main findings and to prompt a discussion on the steps required to fulfil the promise of active ageing. Among the key speakers, MEP Heinz Becker appealed for making it mandatory for EU member states to learn from each other and improve their policies via ‘bench-learning’. AGE Platform Secretary General, Anne-Sophie Parent, stressed the importance of fighting ageism, looking at the gender aspects of ageing and...Se mere
Identifying potential workplace hazards using risk assessment is the cornerstone of risk prevention and contributes to safer and healthier working lives for all. However, a significant number of organisations still do not do a proper risk assessment...
Luckily, business owners can use online interactive tools to get started. Workplace risk assessment is required by law, yet the process can prove challenging for micro and small companies. This can be due to a lack of resources or adequate know-how to identify risks. In some cases, employers may not even realise there are occupational safety and health (OSH) risks to pay attention to. Small business owners can use the Online interactive Risk Assessment (OiRA) tools to make sure workers are as...Se mere
Anne-Sophie Parent, AGE Secretary General, participated at a meeting of European Diversity Charters in Brussels on 9th February 2017. Diversity Charters are voluntary initiatives in a number of EU member states to promote diversity inside companies...
Older workers: a value for companies and colleagues Age discrimination can be felt by simply looking at the numbers: among the 55-64 year-olds in the EU, only about half (52 %) are in employment, and very large gender gaps are behind this number. Older workers are more likely to be long-term unemployed when they lose their job than any other age group. Anne-Sophie Parent emphasised the value older workers bring to a company: bringing experience, forming the memory of a company and having a role...Se mere
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On 8 February, EU-OSHA took part in an event in the European Parliament to discuss the importance of active ageing and why it matters to mental health. The event was organised by Mental Health Europe (Official Campaign Partner of the Healthy...
All European countries face challenges with ageing and a shrinking workforce, however their demographic situations differ. A variety of policies, programmes and initiatives in each country aimed at addressing these challenges, including in some...
An EU-OSHA commissioned analysis report on the development of policies, strategies and programmes in Europe identified four clusters of countries. The groupings are based on a number of criteria such as the scope and orientation of policies, the level of integration and coordination across policy areas, and the effectiveness of implementation. Countries in each group share similar policy priorities, even if they differ in terms of their economic and demographic situations. For countries in...Se mere
EU-OSHA’s new visualisation tool presents the key findings of the pilot project ‘Safer and healthier work at any age — occupational safety and health (OSH) in the context of an ageing workforce’. Users can explore data and information in an...
The tool provides a comprehensive, user-friendly and cost-free way for individuals, companies and policy makers to access information on how European countries are dealing with the challenges of safety and health at work. The tool is also multilingual, using a machine translator to offer fairly accurate versions of the tool in many languages. Data used in the project come from harmonised European-level sources including ESENER , Eurostat, Eurofound and others to ensure comparability. The tool...Se mere