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April 28, World Health and Safety Day, the staff of Safety Focus with the collaboration of Studio Stigliano S.r.l.s. has joined the "Italia Loves Safety movement", continuing the safety campaign "Cultivate s- prevention campaign for the use of...
April 28, World Health and Safety Day, the staff of Safety Focus with the collaboration of Studio Stigliano S.r.l.s. has joined the "Italia Loves Safety movement", continuing the safety campaign "Cultivate s- prevention campaign for the use of agricultural tractors". The campaign partnership by the Italian Ministry of Labor aims to inform tractor drivers on the "Four Safety Rules" to produce knowledge and propose practical tools. In the week of April 28, the safety campaign was carried out on...Se mere
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A comprehensive overview of occupational safety and health (OSH) aspects related to the challenges of an ageing workforce is presented in country infographics uploaded on our visualisation tool on ageing and OSH . The 31 country infographics depict...
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As part of EU-OSHA’s Healthy Workplaces for All Ages Campaign, the Good Practice Awards ceremony is co-hosted by the Maltese Presidency of the Council of the EU in Valletta on 26 April 2017. The awarded and commended examples of good practice show the benefits that can be achieved by organisations that recognise the potential for keeping employees healthy throughout their working careers. The criteria for selection included a holistic approach to workplace safety and health and effective...Se mere
On 5 April experts in health and safety from 5 multinational companies met with journalists at a roundtable event in Madrid to discuss best practices for preventing risks at work, and providing a safe and healthy environment for employees of all...
As part of the European Campaign Assistance Package (ECAP) scheme for EU-OSHA’s national focal points , the event was organised by the Instituto Nacional de Seguridad e Higiene en el Trabajo in Spain . It brought together representatives from Atlas Copco, BSH Appliances, PSA Group, Ford Spain and Quinton Laboratories to share ideas and best practices in relation to the health and safety of workers of all ages and to formulate a model of risk prevention for companies to follow and implement. All...Se mere
Developed by Official campaign partner, the European Brain Council , the ‘Not myself today’ initiative is an annual workplace mental health initiative that equips senior leaders, human resources, managers and employees with activities, tools and...
Promoting good mental health in the workplace is vital for safeguarding workers and organisations’ productivity and resilience, and for ensuring sustainable working lives. All workers need to be protected from psychosocial risks and stress to keep them healthy and avoid early dropouts from the labour market. This initiative provides European companies and organisations with resources and tools to organise events and activities that engage employees of all ages. The aim is to reduce stigma,...Se mere
The launch of the book "The bioengineering addressed to wellness and active ageing", by Prof. Maria Chiara Carrozza, prof. Eugenio Guglielmelli and prof. Riccardo Pietrabissa, tackles the subject of population ageing, now a central theme in the...
The subject of population ageing, now is a central theme in the attention of the public opinion of modern societies and in national and international debate, due to the consequences in terms of quality of life and the sustainability of welfare systems. The viewing angle of the book relates the health of a growing share of the population with advanced age and biomedical and technological developments, with a focus on the fundamental role of bioengineering in providing innovative solutions,...Se mere
A summary and all presentations of EU-OSHA’s good practice exchange event for official campaign partners, which took place on 22-23 March, are now available. Information-packed workshops and plenary sessions stimulated lively and productive networking and discussions on safe, healthy and sustainable working . Specific topics included worker well-being, business success and strong leadership, and how these factors can be measured and integrated with business strategy. SAP was awarded and Toyota...Se mere
To ensure safe and healthy working lives for all, worker participation in occupational safety and health (OSH) is vital. Lately such participation has been decreasing across Europe, a worrying trend - particularly for older workers.
OSH representatives can help organisations identify and remove exposure to hazards, and reduce risks for everyone from the day they enter the workplace to the day they retire. Representatives are also important in ensuring that the specific risks faced by older workers are taken into account. EU-OSHA, together with the European Trade Union Confederation, developed in 2012 a practical guide that explains that the role of the worker representative is to ensure that workers have an input into...Se mere
The European social partners, BusinessEurope, UEAPME, CEEP and the ETUC (and the liaison committee EUROCADRES/ CEC), agreed to negotiate an autonomous framework agreement on active ageing and an inter-generational approach. The agreement is to...
When it comes to healthy workplaces for all ages, one group of workers that can often be forgotten is off-site/mobile workers. They may be working at home, in other people’s homes, or constantly on the move. As a result, this group of workers face...
Workers considered as ‘off-site’ or ‘mobile’ include home/healthcare workers, sales people, cleaners, and even engineers who maintain wind energy turbines in various locations, for example. Each group encounters different occupational safety and health (OSH) challenges that they, and employers, need to be prepared for. To reduce the risk to off-site workers, it’s important that employers undertake risk assessments and necessary adaptations, and ensure that staff have proper equipment. Training...Se mere