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EU-OSHA's two-year Healthy Workplaces Campaigns are about fostering healthy working practices and the 2016-17 edition is no exception. This time, the focus is all about promoting sustainable working lives. The aim is to help everyone - from workers...
Why is this topic suddenly taking on such importance? The answer is simple. Europe’s workforce is ageing. It is estimated that workers aged 55-64 will make up 30 % of the workforce by 2030 in many European countries, representing a major demographic change. On top of this, official retirement ages are also rising across Europe, resulting in longer working lives. This means that we will all most likely be working longer than previous generations did. A longer working life means an increased...Se mere
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On 15 April 2016 in Brussels, EU-OSHA, together with the European Commission and the Netherlands’ EU Council Presidency, launches its 2016-17 campaign, Healthy Workplaces for All Ages . This new campaign focuses on sustainable work and healthy ageing from the beginning of working life and highlights the importance of risk prevention throughout a person’s career. Based on the European Parliament project ‘Safer and healthier work at any age’ conducted by EU-OSHA, the campaign highlights the...Se mere
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The Healthy Workplaces Good Practice Awards 2016-2017 are now open for nominations. As part of the Healthy Workplaces for All Ages campaign, we want to hear from your company/organisation if you are actively managing safety and health at work in the context of an ageing workforce and promoting sustainable working lives. All national entries — no matter your organisations’ size or sector — are judged first by your national focal point which can provide you with more details on how to apply...Se mere
In the run-up to official launch of the 2016-17 Healthy Workplaces Campaign, EU-OSHA’s EU Partnership meeting on 16 March 2016 in Brussels brings together current and potential campaign partners such as companies, social partners, OSH professionals and media partners. The meeting is an opportunity to explore the 2016-17 campaign partnership offer, to network and to exchange experiences. The event sees the contributions of leading European businesses, workers’ and employers’ organisations, and...Se mere