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The Healthy Workplaces Summit, marking the end of the 2016-2017 Healthy Workplaces for All Ages campaign, takes place on 21 and 22 November in Bilbao, Spain. Leading European experts and decision makers discuss the results of the 2-year campaign and exchange good practices in promoting healthy ageing at work. At the same time, EU-OSHA and its partners celebrate two milestones: 20 years of Napo, our cartoon partner in promoting occupational safety and health, and 10 years of EU-OSHA’s campaign...Se mere
Many companies in Europe have found health promotion programmes and offering free access to medical treatments to be effective ways of improving the sustainability of their worker’s lives. SAP and Mavir ZRt are 2 Good Practice Award winners who have...
In Europe, workers across all sectors face different occupational safety and health (OSH) risks. Yet, there are some common approaches to addressing risks related to the ageing workforce. Health promotion programmes can be introduced relatively easily and cheaply in any organisation. But it’s important to remember that they are only complementary to other safety and health measures that organisations should put in place. Indeed health promotion must always imply organisational changes at the...Se mere
This event will be the occasion for reflections and dialogue between institutions, social partners and all stakeholders involved in the challenge of ensuring wellbeing as well as healthy and safe workplace to older workers, whose skills and...
Following a review of key points from psychology research, the event will present a series of recent interventions in workplaces, implemented thanks to a fruitful cooperation among psychologists and other professional figures, such as HR managers, occupational doctors, health and safety managers, and other operators. Speakers: Davide Farone, Italian MP, Undersecretary for Ministry of Health Fulvio Giardina, President of the Consiglio Nazionale dell’Ordine degli Psicologi (National Council of...Se mere
Our official campaign partner, the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) , leads by example in promoting the 2016–17 Healthy Workplaces Campaign. It has a dedicated campaign branded web section to share information and resources about...
This report provides an overview of the recent evolution of working time duration and organisation in the EU and highlights the most important trends and differences between Member States. Through an in-depth analysis of data from the sixth European...
On 13-14 September, official campaign partner SAP, a leading global software manufacturer, held a good practice exchange event at their headquarters in Walldorf, Germany. Several campaign partners came together to discuss the future of corporate...
Dr Natalie Lotzmann, Chief Medical Officer and Vice President of HR at SAP , kicked-off the event with a presentation of the key principles of Industry 4.0 and implications for HR leaders today. SAP puts people at the core of their organisation and, just like their software, the company wants to help people ‘run at their best’ and improve their lives. Their corporate health management strategy focuses on fostering a caring and healthy culture that helps employees reach their full potential and...Se mere
Brief summaries of the main findings of the 3-year project “Safer and healthier work at any age – occupational safety and health in the context of an ageing workforce” are now available in 19 languages. The info sheets look at the benefits older workers bring to organisations, the added risks women encounter in the workplace, the systems for rehabilitation and return to work in place across Europe. They also provide an overview of policies and strategies aimed at sustaining Europe’s ageing...Se mere
The German Focal Point Bundesanstalt für Arbeitsschutz und Arbeitsmedizin (BAuA) has published a memorandum on meeting the demographic and structural challenges facing the country’s workforce.
The memorandum - ‘Competence, health and good working conditions - How we can promote the ability to work, competitiveness and capacity for change’ - gives a detailed account of the current situation, along with insights into the key requirements for a healthy and successful working life. Well-trained and well-educated employees are being sought in many places across Germany. However, the average age of the workforce is rising due to a shortage of qualified young professionals. The new global...Se mere
The German Federal Ministry for Families, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth (BMFSFJ) organised an expert meeting on the reconciliation of care and employment in Berlin on 4-5 September 2017, on the backdrop of the proposed directive on work-life...
Informal care from the perspective of carers and international frameworks The expert meeting looked at different dimensions of support for carers, including care leaves, financial support, flexible working time arrangements, advice and counselling. Experts from several EU member states took part in the meeting and the frameworks existing in non-EU OECD countries that also face an ageing population were reminded by Prof Yeandle of Sheffield University. Dr Birta of the family organisation COFACE-...Se mere
The latest findings from a major project on the costs and benefits of occupational safety and health (OSH) show that work-related ill health and injury costs the EU an estimated €476 billion every year. This could be drastically reduced with the...
Findings from the project were presented at the XXI World Congress on Safety and Health at work in Singapore on 3-6 September. They underline how good practice in OSH not only increases the longevity of older workers, but also helps improve the productivity, competitiveness and sustainability of businesses. It also reduces healthcare costs and other societal burdens. Estimates show that 86% of workplace deaths worldwide stem from work-related illnesses, while in the EU the figure is 98%. Each...Se mere